What is Project Utopia?

Project Utopia is more than a foundation; it's a promise.

Ark Utopia was born from the desire to build a movement for positive change through conscious fashion. Inspired by the belief that style can be ethical, we design clothing that empowers you to look good and do good. With every purchase, you become part of the solution, as we donate to Project Utopia, our foundation dedicated to partnering with global organizations that fight for a better future. Together, we can create lasting change through the power of fashion.

Since February of 2024, we've been partnering with Save the Children to turn your love for fashion into plates full of hope. 50% of every purchase directly supports their mission, providing life-saving nourishment to children in vulnerable communities.

Why Save the Children?

We believe in making a real difference with every dollar donated. Unlike many organizations, Save the Children dedicates an impressive 86% out of every dollar directly to its mission: supporting children and families in need.

This commitment to efficiency has allowed them to reach 118 million children across 116 countries in 2022 alone, providing vital support for their health, education, and safety. Additionally, Save the Children has delivered 6.8 million lifesaving health interventions, tackling critical issues like malaria, pneumonia, diarrhea, and malnutrition.

These statistics demonstrate Save the Children's exceptional impact, making them a trusted partner in our fight against child hunger.

Learn more about their impact here